Save Money with FreedomVoice Trunks

A Better Way to Bill
Most hosted phone service providers charge their customers per employee, or ‘seat,” regardless of how much time - or how little - each employee spends on the phone. FreedomVoice is different. We bill you based on your peak usage - the maximum number of lines simultaneously in use during a given billing period. And we do it using a system called Trunks. The bottom line? You pay only for the lines your business uses, and that saves you money.

How It Works
FreedomVoice Trunk is about call capacity versus seats. Each Trunk represents the capacity for one inbound or outbound call on your phone system at a given time. Instead of purchasing a seat for every employee, with FreedomVoice, you purchase a Trunks based maximum number of simultaneous calls you’re employees are likely to make in a given billing period. For example, in a business with 20 employees, you’d typically pay for 20 seats, even though your peak usage that billing period might be only eight simultaneous calls. But with FreedomVoice, you only pay for eight Trunks. A good rule of thumb for most businesses is 3 to 4 employees per Trunk, and that can add up to a tremendous cost savings.

Do All Types of Calls Use Trunks?
There are several different types of calls that do not actually use one of your Trunks, and a couple that actually use two Trunks:

Calls that use ZERO trunks:
  • Calls directly from a FreedomVoice phone to another FreedomVoice phone (direct DID calling or extension dials).
  • Calls using the Messages button to check voicemail from a FreedomVoice phone.
  • FreedomVoice intercom feature (one- or two-way broadcast).
Calls that use ONE trunk:
  • PSTN (public switched telephone network) calls to a main number (auto attendant).
  • PSTN calls to a main number that forward to a FreedomVoice phone (via DID or user).
  • PSTN calls to a DID number.
  • FreedomVoice phone to a non-FreedomVoice phone.
  • FreedomVoice phone to a FreedomVoice main number.
  • Faxing, outbound voice messaging or call-backs.
Calls that use TWO trunks:
  • PSTN calls to a main number that forward to a non-FreedomVoice number.
  • PSTN calls to a DID that forwards to a non-FreedomVoice number.
What Happens If I Go Over?
At FreedomVoice, we are all about flexibility. Trunk Overflow Protection is built right into the service, so you don’t have to worry about occasionally going over the number of Trunks you’ve purchased. With Overflow Protection, we look at your call volume peaks each month and use a very forgiving rounding mechanism to ignore incidental overages. If you significantly exceed your subscribed Trunks we use Overflow Trunks to cover the gap. It’s worth noting that Overflow Trunks are billed at a slightly higher rate ($59) than normal Trunks ($44), so if you’re consistently going over the capacity you have purchased, you’ll want to add more trunks.

The Bottom Line
Thanks to the FreedomVoice Trunk approach to call capacity, our customers enjoy a lower average cost per seat every month, which can add up to significant savings. Reduce your overall phone system costs today with the FreedomVoice service and our flexible Trunk call capacity model!